Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Bushfire at Gracetown

Earlier this week there was a bushfire at Gracetown. It started somewhere near the North Point carpark, and spread to the bush at the northern edge of the town. This must have been a worry because the only road in and out of Gracetown must have been covered in smoke and pretty risky to travel on. If the wind had switched to a northerly, I am not sure how they would evacuate the town.

During the Margaret River bushfires the fire came close to the southern edge of the town! Perhaps they are safe now because there isn’t a lot left to burn! However I think there must be a rethink of these settlements with a single access road – perhaps by linking up adjacent settlements to provide a second exit route. This could be good for tourism as well.

Gracetown bushfire aftermath

Gracetown bushfire aftermath

Here is a shot looking over the town towards North Point.
Gracetown North Point

Gracetown North Point

This last image was taken the morning after the initial fire, and it had reignited that morning (although it was well under control).

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