Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Yallingup – the Birthpace of Surfing in WA

On the Yallingup foreshore this afternoon, they unveiled a statue that was commissioned to recognize the fact that Yallingup was the birthplace of surfing in WA. It was an interesting event, mainly because I was there soon after the pioneers, but not involved in the surfing community (I couldn’t afford a board, and my father was more interested in fishing).

There were about 200 people who turned up, about double the numbers that the organizers expected. There were some interesting stories told of the early days of surfing which I could relate to very much – surfers going into the pub and being confronted (confronted = big punch up!) by locals who thought they were weird and so on. In those days if you associated with “surfies” your parents thought you were on the downhill slide. Now many of them have moved down to the area and are the pillars of the community.

I will edit this post and add a shot of the statue later – there were so many people around I am not sure I got a shot that does it justice – I think it is an amazing piece of sculpture. However I got this shot of a ’67 Buick and I think the convertible/surfboard combination evolved to symbolize an era that evolved into one of the major drawcards of the Yallingup/Margaret River area.

67 Yallingup

67 Yallingup

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