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South Fremantle Power station

This building is popular with many photographers – for good reason. There are endless possibilities – it is a terrific place to visit. All you need to know is where the hole in the fence is to get in.

Some of the graffiti is extremely good. They must have spent a fortune on paint.

I took a number of shots – some HDR, some not. The site lends itself to HDR because of the bright sunlight coming through the windows and the graffiti. In this image (non HDR) I was developing techniques for light painting, both the shooting and the processing. I used a ND filter and high shutter speed to block most of the ambient, and then lit this whole scene using a single handheld flash. After processing the image the major elements of the scene (eg the murals,the floor and so on) wind up as separate layers in Photoshop, allowing all sorts of creative possibilities. To illustrate this I placed a Harley Davidson emerging down the ramp!

South Fremantle Power Station

South Fremantle Power Station