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Under the Busselton Jetty

As a young child I lived in Narrogin. My father was a keen fisherman, and not so keen farmer. Once the harvest was finished, we all went down to Busselton until school resumed. We stayed with thousands of others on the camping grounds in Busselton. In the middle of the day it was hot in the tents, and most days we went down to the beach and stayed under the jetty during the heat of the day. It was packed day after day, and the jetty foreshore was always crowded.

Times have changed, people have air conditioned caravans, stay in holiday houses and resorts. However under the jetty it is still cool in summer and has a charm of its own.

This was taken before the jetty was upgraded/replaced.

Under the Busselton Jetty

Under the Busselton Jetty