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More sawmill playing around

I have been playing around with some new software which enabled me to create the following image in the sawmill using a single handheld flash for lighting. (The previous sawmill images used up to 3 flashes which all needed tripods – cumbersome and awkward in confined spaces. There were also difficulties maintaining line of sight to all flashes). This was more in the way of a “proof of concept” – hence the wild colors. The image was created in three parts – foreground (blue), middleground (purple) and background (red). Each part is treated as a separate adjustable light. Each of the parts is a composite of multiple hand held flash shots painting the area. It sounds complicated but is easier to do than explain, and as a bonus was quicker to take than setting up multiple flashes.

The result was then merged in Photoshop where the fog was added – again as proof of concept to see if the fog (or something else!) could be added between the foreground and the rest of the image. The software I used wasn’t written with this in mind and a few workarounds were needed to overcome some limitations. The developers have expressed interest in this, and are planning to work on this area of the software, so there is a chance they will take on board my suggestions to simplify the workflow to use these techniques.

Since originally posting this image I have added my granddaughter in the image. Because each “light” is in a separate layer, it is easy to place her image between layers (in this case behind the axle).

Wild sawmill

Wild sawmill