Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Quit Forest Rally, Nannup

I have a few (hundred) photos from the Nannup stage of the Quit Forest Rally. At one stage I found this great position – no shooting into the sun, the cars were mostly coming towards me, so it was easy to track them, and they had just finished a RH turn,and had to negotiate a LH turn to pass in front of me- at least most of them did. This one didn’t quite do that.

How not to do it

How not to do it

At this point the car was out of control, and coming my way, so I felt it was prudent to step down behind the earth bank I was standing on, So there is a slight gap in this sequence. This is the next shot. They were able to drive out of this and complete their run, but obviously lost time. At no stage was I in any danger.

The result

The result

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