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More Wills Domain activity

I have had an idea to do a series of  long exposures in a vineyard whilst the harvester was operating, and this morning I got the chance to try it. The concept was to have the harvester lights trace a series of lines.

However the harvester started at 6:00am and it quickly got too light for me to continue. At least I got enough to show the idea would work. There was a nice sunrise as well, and I probably would have been better off concentrating on that, but I couldn’t move the camera!

This morning was more in the way of an experiment, and to try out different techniques. Here is the result from this morning. The continuous lines are the harvester. The dashes come from the tractor and trailer accompanying the harvester. Being lower it is partially obscured by the canopy of the vines, and the light only shows in the gaps between the branches.

UPDATE: I managed to extract the light trails from most of my shots, and this is the updated result.

UPDATE 2. Conclusions. The technique is workable, but probably not worth the effort. The time spent would be better spent concentrating on producing a good image, and in the dark that is probably difficult.  It wont turn a poor photo into a good one, but probably offers something a bit out of the ordinary.

Wills Domain light trails

Wills Domain light trails