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International Space Station from Yallingup beach


International Space Station from Yallingup Beach

International Space Station from Yallingup Beach

I was out shooting some moonlight shots this morning when I heard on the radio the ISS was about to pass over. I quickly set up, and got this. 78 secs exposure at f2.8 and 14mm. The moon had set 30 minutes earlier so it was very dark. I cut the shot after 78 seconds because that was about as long as I could go without getting star “streaks”.


Light Mushroom

There was a fireworks display on the foreshore at Busselton as part of the Festival of Busselton. At Signal Park, next to the foreshore there was some entertainment, including a band, bouncy castles for the kids, and what we used to call a “chair-o-plane”. I photographed the chair-o-plane with a long exposure. This is the result. If I get the chance again I will try to use a flash to capture the people riding it.



Chair-o-plane turned into a mushroom.