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Boranup Forest

This area was logged around 1920, and this is all regrowth Karri forest. As the trees are roughly the same age they competed with each other for light and as a result are all very tall and straight. When driving south along Caves Road, south of Margaret River you come around a bend and are confronted with the sight of these trees. I am surprised there are not more accidents here as cars tend to pull up anywhere to look at the trees.

I found this difficult to photograph, largely because every time I left Dunsborough in sunny weather to photograph the forest, it was raining by the time I arrived! However the good news for photographers is that you don’t need to be here at sunrise to get the best photos. At that time the sun is still below the canopy. The best time is an hour or so before sunset or after sunrise, so you get the sidelight.

Boranup Forest

Boranup forest.