Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Sugarloaf Rocks

Sugarloaf Rocks

Sugarloaf Rocks sunset

This image obtained a bronze award in the recent Landscape 500 competition, and also in the 2011 Epson International Pano awards.  It is two rows of about 7 images (I forget exactly how many) all stitched to produce a composite panorama. Each individual image was a fused exposure of around 6-9 different exposures. This technique allows the rich colors of the setting sun to be retained.

The seagulls were included to give a sense of life, and depth to the image. I arrived at Sugarloaf early and set up the camera to take the individual images for the panorama. I began feeding the seagulls, and without adjusting the focal length of the lens, refocussed and began taking the photos of the seagulls. The best of the images were selected and placed over the panorama in exactly the correct position. The background around the seagulls was masked leaving the seagull in exactly the position it was when captured.

I am pleased with this image. It is a view of Sugarloaf you do not see often – taken from out the front looking back to the coast. Of all the prints I have made of my images this one receives the most favorable comments.


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